Buffalo Public School Students, a part of the Festival

January 1, 2013


The Buffalo Public Schools Art Education Department is pleased to announce the sponsorship of five awards totaling $5,000.00 through the Allentown Village Society, Inc. (AVS). Five awards have been granted to schools whose art teachers have developed and submitted exemplary and unique art lessons. Each teacher will be awarded $1,000.00 which will be used for art materials that specifically help in the successful implementation of each teacher's proposed art lesson.

The grant winners include:

Kerry Chiodo, proposal titled, "Mandela Umbrellas"— Buffalo Academy for Visual and Performing Arts #192

Elizabeth Spiro-Carman, proposal titled, "Zuni Fetishes: Relationships Between Native Americans and Nature in the Southwestern United States"- B.E.S.T. #6

Ann Curthoys, proposal titled, "Watts Happening? Recycled Materials Become Public Art" - Waterfront Elementary #95

Doreen Juszkiewicz, proposal titled, "Home 'Tweet" Home: Architectural Discoveries Through the Creation of Birdhouses" - Waterfront Elementary #95

Allison Davis, proposal titled, "Piecing Together History and Culture: Faith Ringgold Quilts"- International School #45"