Allentown Art Festival extends its thanks to the exhibitors and the Allentown Community for your support for 58 years. The Allentown Village Society, Inc. would like you to know where our dollars go. Here’s a look at recent past years. Since 1991 through 2018 these organizations have benefited because you support the Allentown Art Festival each year:

Donations totaling $385,974

  • The Allentown Association
  • American Cancer Society
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Buffalo Board of Education Art Department
  • Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society
  • Buffalo Olmsted Parks
  • Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Buffalo Police Reserves
  • Buffalo Society of Artists
  • Community Music School
  • East Aurora Art Society
  • Erie County Bar Foundation
  • Erie County Sheriff’s Mounted Division
  • Fine Arts League
  • Holy Spirit Church
  • Hospice
  • Impact Artists Gallery
  • Lancaster Arts in the Village
  • Lancaster High School Art Honor Society
  • Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes
  • Rosa Coplon Living Center
  • Roswell Park Cancer Institute
  • Salvation Army Toy Fund
  • St. Mark’s Church
  • Sisters of Mercy
  • Symphony Circle Restoration
  • Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural Historic Site
  • Trinity Episcopal Church
  • Western New York Artists Group
  • Buffalo Police Athletic League

 ... and may more local organizations.


Our School Children are Enhanced Culturally

  • Buffalo Public Schools Art Department $64,030
  • Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra $100,000

      Thousands of children have attended the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra Children’s Concert Series at no cost to them.

  • Locust Street Neighborhood Art Classes $37,840


Scholarships totaling $299,237

  • The Allentown Village Society Scholarship Program $234,237

      Awards scholarships to high school seniors and college sophomores.

  • The Allentown Village Society Summer School Scholarship Program $65,000

      Supports NYS Summer School for the Arts with scholarships for Erie County high school students.

  • Community Foundation for Greater Buffalo

      Each year, 10% of gross profit from the Festival goes toward future art scholarships. 

Prizes to Exhibitors totaling $19,900

The Allentown Village Society, Inc. presents 41 cash prizes to Exhibitors each year.

  • All members of the Allentown Village Society, Inc. are volunteers.
  • We have no paid staff and we receive no funding from the City of Buffalo, Erie County, or New York State.
  • The Allentown Village Society, Inc. pays the City of Buffalo and Erie County combined approximately $15,000 in fees annually.
  • The Allentown Village Society, Inc. is a cultural not-for-profit organization.